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How to Protect Your Vinyl Floor Sealer

So,you’ve fit the most beautiful and superior vinyl floor on your space,well,some common sense like wiping off spills as soon as they happen,vacuuming high traffic areas,and using feet felt underneath heavy furniture will go a long way in keeping your vinyl floor Magnifique. But most importantly,don’t forget the sealer.

Vinyl floor sealers

Every vinyl flooring could do with sealer. Sealers,aka polishes,protect vinyl surfaces,reducing maintenance work,and boost the aesthetic appeal.

In the case of vinyl tiles without sealers,dirt and moisture get trapped between the pipes,interfering with the floor’s integrity in the long run. Sealers on the vinyl floor prevent such infiltration; it also minimizes staining from spills and can be used to achieve a glossy finish. But even your super sealed vinyl floor could do with occasional maintenance.

DIY tips for Vinyl floor sealers.

Vinyl floor sealers,if neglected,develop stains due to spills and scuffs due to heavy furniture and shoe soles. No one likes the look of a neglected vinyl floor; it really takes away from the beauty of the space. So here are the tips to keep your vinyl floor sealers in excellent condition.

1. Wipe up spills the moment they happen

Don’t leave spills on the floor for too long as you risk the formation of stains on your beautiful floor. Use plain water and a rag to wipe off dark juices,wines,foods,and other substances off your floor.

2. Sweep or vacuum high traffic areas

Dirt gets dragged into the house by way of feet. It would help if you dealt with dirt on your floor lest the sand eats away at your vinyl floor sealer,compromising the structure with time.

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3. Use gentle cleaners

If you can’t afford commercial vinyl floor cleaners,you can use some of your everyday household products to give your vinyl floor a blitz without damaging the sealer. These include:

– Vinegar

Get a gallon of hot water and a cup of apple cider vinegar. Mix the vinegar into the hot water. The hot water boosts the cleaning power of the apple cedar vinegar.

Next,pour some hot water in a second bucket for use in rinsing your mop when it gets too dirty. Start by soaking your mop in the cleaning solution,wring out the excess cleaning solution and proceed to mop the floor,giving much attention to areas with stubborn stains. Wringing out the excess solution helps keep water from the floor seems which would otherwise cause curling.

Rinse your mop in the hot water bucket,then soak in the cleaning solutions and repeat till your floor is free of dirt and stains. Remember to rinse off excess soap once done.

– Jojoba oil

Vinyl floors are notorious for scuffing. Black sole scuffs usually result from walking on the floors with heels,hard leather,or rubber sole shoes. You can rub off surface scuffs using jojoba oil.

But for deep surface scratches,even jojoba oil won’t help; instead,consider replacing the tiles.

– Baby oil to restore shine

Prepare your standard vinegar cleaning solutions and add in some baby oil to improve the solutions polishing properties. Just ensure to maintain consistency -a few drops of oil in a gallon of hot water mixed with a cup of vinegar.

– Baking soda or alcohol for stains

Baking soda and alcohol are handy in dealing with unforgiving stains. Use baking soda for wine or juices stains and alcohol for makeup or ink stains. Use soft nylon brush and scrub gently lest you damage the sealer.

4. Replace old sealers

Strip off old sealers,clean your floor and apply a new layer of coating periodically. Choose a sealer with a preferable sheen or none at all,and make sure it is compatible with your vinyl floor tiles.
If the vinyl tiles are scuffed,get superfine sandpaper,and sand the tiles lightly. Then instead of using a sealer,apply some factory coatings such as polyurethane for a high sheen. However,avoid using factory coatings on tiles with deep scratches as the coating tends to soak through and leave stains on the vinyl tiles.

There you go,vinyl sealers,polishes,or factory coatings serve to protect the floor surface,reducing the maintenance required and giving the floor a high gloss finish. Use the above tips to take care of your vinyl floor surface.

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