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A Quick Guide to Coworking Spaces,Hot Desk,and Shared Office

There is a great demand for flexible workspaces today. These shared workspaces provide the necessary comfort and convenience for the growing number of people who are into mobile or distance working. Coworking spaces come in different types to accommodate individuals and groups of different needs and preferences on their working environment. Here is a closer look at the main differences of a coworking space,hot desk,and shared office space.

Coworking space

A coworking space is designed with workers’ interaction and collaboration in mind. It is envisioned as hubs for a community of business professionals and corporate teams to create a vibrant and dynamic culture. People can interact while working on their own respective tasks. While these spaces typically have an open-space design,there are private rooms for meetings and group collaborations.

Furthermore,most coworking spaces have dedicated desk memberships. In this setting,the client group uses the space for a long duration; thus,they are free to set up and decorate their stations and then leave their belongings there at the end of the day.

Hot desk

Hot desking is a workspace sharing concept where people can use the facilities when they need them. A mobile worker,for instance,can drop in and work there for a few hours. People may do their individual work at a desk,collaborate with others at the common areas,or hold private meetings in a room. There are no dedicated seats in this setup; however,some hot desking areas may also feature dedicated desks and private offices to provide a more flexible coworking space for all sorts of workers.

Shared office

A shared office is basically an office,wherein an available space is shared or rented to another company or companies. Small companies in need of flexible corporate workspace typically go for this setup because it is more cost effective than leasing a traditional office. It offers the same flexibility and convenience of a shared workplace but in essence,you are just a guest in the corporate space.

Remember that these concepts may sometimes overlap with each other. This only proves how flexible they are in terms of catering for people in need of an excellent workplace. Flexible workspaces in Singapore,for instance,provide for professionals and corporate teams with changing requirements and preferences. Try out coworking spaces like these to better understand the many conveniences they offer.


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