Montuno Stars (Kids Team)

KB Fitness Studio
5353 Almaden Expressway
San Jose, CA 95118


Directed by:

Isidro Corona & Marianela Calonje

Practice Timings:

Tuesday 7:00PM-8:30PM

About the Team…

Montuno Stars is Montuno Dance Company’s prized possession…the Kids team.

Our goal at Montuno is to provide a platform for growth and learning, irrespective of age. Montuno Stars, our youngest team on our roster goals at starting this process early. Kids from varied age groups 5+ are taught a fun routine and we start providing them with fundamentals of technique at an early age. Our goal is to build the stars of tomorrow…today, One step at a time!

Students are expected to attend a minimum of 2 hours of practice a week during each season. Students are required to also be escorted by their parents or guardians to practice and back.

A mainstay of showcases with Montuno Dance Company, Montuno Stars promises to be our most fun, challenging and rewarding team.

For more information, contact Marianela by sending her an e-mail HERE