Isidro J. Corona is the Director and Founder of Montuno Dance Company for which he has choreographed works that have been performed at Salsa Congresses around the country. The company is currently comprised of over 10 teams for which Isidro is the lead Instructor.

About the Company:

Montuno Dance Co

Montuno Dance Company is a focused & detailed dance company offering strong technique-based salsa dancing lessons in San Jose, CA. Instructors focus on transforming dancers to performers, performers to competitors within the Latin Dancing Community. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced dancer, you get to choose what you want to improve. Be it your social dancing or your aspiration to hit the big stage, If you’d like to challenge yourself, come check out what the directors of Montuno Dance Company have to offer.

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NEW!! 8-Week Multi Level Salsa Series (Levels 1 and 2) starts July 18th 2016


Montuno 8-week Training Program

On popular demand, Montuno Dance Co. Presents.
Montuno Dance Co. is now offering MULTI-LEVEL salsa series courses for ALL level dancers! These progressive series are designed to improve your dancing at a fast rate and in a fun environment. We will challenge you to improve and provide you the fundamentals to develop into the best dancer you can be!

This course begins Monday July 18th 2016 Please click here to register8week2levels

Level 1: Beginner Salsa On1

The 8-Week salsa series is designed to help you with the most critical fundamentals of salsa dancing. Among these fundamentals include: Lead and Follow, Body movement, Weight shifting, Timing and most importantly, learning how to dance with rhythm. All classes are presented in an easy-to-learn, yet detailed format that will allow you to REALLY improve your dancing and provide you with a strong foundation in order to progress through your Multi-level courses.

The following will be covered:

  • Leader & follower Techniques
  • Body movement
  • Weight shifting
  • Timing: How to find the one
  • Music & rhythm
  • Lead’s & follow’s right & left turns
  • Cross body Lead with inside & outside turn

Progressive training that provides you with a strong foundation and understanding of the BASICS in timing, musicality, and lead/follow

Level 2: Advanced Beginner-Intermediate

This portion of the 8-Week salsa series course will take the skills acquired in the beginner level class and focus on refining your dancing with new and detailed techniques. You will learn body alignment, spinning technique “The MDC way”, how to make your movement look natural, Turn patterns and footwork with styling.
This class is for the advanced beginner dancer-Intermediate dancer.
You should have strong timing and must know your basic lead and follow techniques. Each class will focus on details specific elements to improve you dancing. This is a great course for those interested in initiating more complex turn patterns and refining your technique.


Level 1:  Salsa (Beginner / On1)
Monday 8:00pm-9:15pm

Level 2:  Salsa (Advanced Beginner- Intermediate/ On1)
Monday 9:15-10:30pm

Cost: Per month $120 / $200 in advance ( 8 Weeks )
Student discount available with valid student ID!
No partner needed.

KB Fitness Studio
5353 Almaden Expy
San Jose Ca, 95118.

Register NOW and Save!
Space is limited.

Come find out why people love this series.All ages welcome!

WLDC 2014 Amateur Team World Champions

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